God Or The Beast

Chapter 1 - The Book of Revelation

1. For those who seek salvation there is only one true word of God which is the holy bible. In scripture one finds different salvation plans by God depending on the time period and persons involved. Unlike Noah who had to build an arche to find salvation the salvation plans for the current time period look different.

2. Blessed are those who keep Jesus in their hearts and follow the way that God YAHWEH prepared for us not the way of the beast. Blessed are those who reject the mark of the beast in their right hand or in their forehead until God raptures. Blessed are you if you care more about God than about your money or the time you have left on planet earth or your pension plans.

3. For if you decided to take the mark of the beast and you did not immediately repent it by following the commands of God who possibly gives you an immediate chance to avoid hell in such a case you will receive the full wrath of God and you will not be raptured before trib…

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